In the American continent, one of the most celebrated states that offer cheap food, a variety of beer, forest hikes, gold beaches and much more is Oregon. Portland is a city in Oregon that entertains endlessly, and the people situated there are awesomely welcoming.  Every time you get in touch with some of the locals, they will describe to you all the intriguing places which can be explored by the cars and motorbikes. The following reasons that will be highlighted are just but a tip of the iceberg to why you shouldn’t miss making a date with Oregon!

Cheap food

Portland has been known in the past years for its taste in making magical food. They have been perpetually blessed with some of the most inventive chefs that you can ever come across. This has attributed to the fact that many tourists who visit these place have to be satisfied by a variety of enjoyable delicacies. One of the favorites is garlic Porchetta sandwich and is made in Lardo. There’s also the delicious Mexican fare in La Jarochita. You can’t miss out on such delicacies. Although the food is great, it just cant compare to my friends delicious meals over at in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Funky hoods

Another most historic, fantastic and walkable places that leave you with real fun is the downtown Portland. The locality in itself is warm making it possible to accommodate travelers who normally enjoy the summer. The parking system is robust and elegant making it possible for those who would like to fish, hike or either swim to enjoy every moment wherever they want.

Classic beer

One thing with Oregon is that it is unique when it comes to its various brews. There are both local brews and the international ones. You are the one the choose what you want. They have it in abundance and also at affordable prices making tourists enjoy the place. Laurel Thirst is known for its taste in making the local brews while Hop works Brewery has specialized itself in the making of bland Lagers.

Stunning nature

Mount Hood is another place that has made a stunning scenery in Portland with its perfectly conical shape. The historic volcano situated eighty kilometers and is on the east side of the capital city. The mountain approximately 3430 meters above the sea level and has an elegant snow cap. Some few kilometers from the mountain there is a superb rose test garden that makes some sweet rose smell within the surrounding locality.

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